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Anonymous asked:
Can you do a scenario when you meet sehun at onsen where he is on a weekend trip with some other exo members. You talk, befriend kinda fast, flirt and have witty/dirty conversation. Sehun later tells other how amazing of a girl he met. Later when the girl meets with other exo it turns out that she was the old flame of suho. Suho had/has feelings for her but they never were anything else than classmates. How would this turn out?


Thanks for your request, hope you’ll enjoy it. I had some trouble to write it, don’t know why (ノ´д`)


Not that he really wanted to try the onsen, but well, he was in Japan for now, why not ? They won’t come back in this country sooner, and because of their difficult schedule, he can’t refuse a little break for today. Nope. Tired, Sehun gets out of his room and without being noticed by the other members, goes to the private onsen of the hotel. It was a very nice place outside the building, with natural warm pools rounded by high rocks to delimitate men bath from women. It was the first time the young man was seeing this kind of place and after a moment of hesitation - « Should I be naked in this place ? » « What about paparazzi ? » « Am I safe ? » -, he finally entered into the water, sighing of pleasure. He was alone, luckily. No one to disturb him or being noisy. Sehun really loves his hyungs but sometimes he misses the moments when he can be by himself in a room. Even when they’re in foreign countries, they’ve to share rooms and paying 12 rooms may be quite expensive. But he’s chosen this life and for nothing else he would exchange it.

« Nope, no way, I’ll stay an idol… »
« Wow ! I would not have thought that I would hear Korean there ! »

Jumping, Sehun looked all around him but no one was present, at least in the men bath.

« So-sorry miss, I thought I was alone and… »
« No miss between us, I’m not old enough. »

Hearing a clear laughter, Sehun relaxed himself a little and was waiting for some more chatting. He didn’t know why but he really appreciated the woman’s voice and he wanted more. Suddenly, a head emerged from behind the lowest rocks. Smiling, the girl clang on to the wall and looked at Sehun.

« And as expected, you’re not that old too. You’re alone little baby ? »
« I’m not a baby and I’m not thaaat young, I have 20 years old you know ? »
« Oh great, what a man you’re ! »

She laughed, once again. And damn, this was the most beautiful thing he’s heard for years. Looking at her face he tried to imagine how she looked like without having red cheeks due to the warmth ; she seemed to be quite pretty.

« And what’s your name, mature boy ? »
« Sehun. And stop making fun of me, granny. »
« Ahah. You’re so cute, but yeah, I’m your noona. I’ll turn 23 this year. « ___ », nice to meet you. »

Smiling, she quickly disappeared behind the wall. Did he annoy her ? Why did she disappear ? This conversation sounded so promising. Mumbling, Sehun looked at the small bubbles at the surface of the water, lost in his thoughts. He can’t erase from his mind this bright smile and her laughter. This girl didn’t try to charm him or whatever, she was just herself and happy to see another Korean person in this area. Leaving his personal thoughts, he payed more attention to the bustle in front of him. Is this normal ? Swimming back, he stared at this until seeing hair and finally, a face.

« What the hell ?! »
« C’mon, you really thought men and women bath weren’t adjoined ? »
« Bu-bu-but, you’re naked ! »
« So do you. » She said, laughing once again.

Automatically, his hands covered his penis. Luckily, he was already red due to the warm water and she couldn’t see he was embarassed. However, he was a boy, a young one, which means even though he felt some discomfort, he couldn’t help but look at her body… hidden by the cloudy water. Once again, he relaxed : if he can’t see her body, she can’t see his, right ?

« Am I this frightening ? Why are you this far from me ? »
« Who knows ? A young boy, alone with a noona… »

It was his turn to laugh while getting closer. This girl was so attractive and yet, they didn’t know each other 10 minutes ago. He reached the rocky wall and leaned against it, looking at her joining him. They stayed a few minutes next to each other before starting to talk again.

« So I’ve heard you’re an idol ? Sorry but, I don’t recognize you… »
« I’m from EXO. »
« Oh ! I see. The name sounds familiar. »
« And your job is… ? »
« Taking care of foreign customers here. Not often an exciting job. »
« But at least you can take care of me, right ? »
« This is actually the exciting part yup. »

Silently, he turned his face towards hers and took a look at her profile, her neck, her shoulders and imagined what he couldn’t see. Both her personality and body attracted him. Or was he turned on due to the warmth ?

« Hope the view is nice ? »
« Yeah quite… WAIT WHAT ? »

She burst out laughing before meeting his gaze. He could see in her eyes a little sparkle of amusement but no embarassment. Slowly, she inclined her face and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek before swimming away.

« See you later, baby boy. »

And she disappeared again behind the wall, in the women bath. Smiling for him, Sehun swam to leave the bath. He stayed here enough for today, and he didn’t want to faint in this place.
After getting dressed, he daydreamingly came back to his room, meeting his mates.

« Guys, I met such an awesome girl today… »


They were sat in the hotel lounge, relaxing and dozing after their day, when Suho started to wriggle in his armchair, hiding his face by looking on one side, covering it with his hand, pretending to look behind him…

« What the fuck are you doing ? Seriously, do you have ants in your pant ? » Said a mocking Baekhyun.
« What ? No… no… It’s just… »

The young man sighed. What is the point of explaining a part of his life he has tried to forget ? Looking at his friend, he tried to find an answer to explain his behaviour, but nothing convincing came to his mind. Sinking in the chair, he made a pouty face.

« You see this girl next to the vending machine ? »
« You mean the hot one ? You bet I see her. »
« C’mon Baek, she’s not some… Oh fuck. So, this girl over there was in my class when I was in high school and I kinda liked her. »
« You’re kidding ? She was your girlfriend ? Dude, you’ve nice tastes ! »
« No. She wasn’t. We were just classmates you know, nothing serious and… »
« Hey hyungs ! Look, the girl I told you about ! »

The bratty maknae was all excited when seeing « ___ » next to the machine. Before, he told them about a girl he met at the onsen and their little game. But even when he mentionned her name, Suho never imagined it would be her, his old flame. Not that he was jealous of Sehun, how could he be ? She never loved him. Did she even ever notice him, in the back of the class, one day ? Sighing, he took a look at Baekhyun, who was staring at him.

« Looks like our maknae fell for your teenage love, leader. »
« Yeah… »

He was hoping she won’t recognize him. After all, about 5 years has passed and his friends called him Suho now. But she was still the same, even prettier than before. Her wide eyes which always seemed amused. And the bright smile she gave to Sehun when she saw him had always been the thing Suho desired the most. But she never gave him such a smile… never…

« Hey but this is the baby boy from the onsen. You’re not alone after all. » She said, pointing at them. « EXO, right ? »
« I’m not a baby. »
« But he’s our maknae, so kinda baby yup. Nice to meet you, I’m Chanyeol. »

She laughed and instantly, seduced them all. Sadly, Suho looked at her. She had always looked so bright next to her crush when they were in highschool, and right now, next to Sehun, she had the same aura. Smiling for himself, he stayed in the background, both for not being recognized and not having to face her. His feelings had been very strong and it was only after hours and hours of training at the SM that he had been able to forget her. He has learned that she wasn’t for him, that’s all. If destiny didn’t get them together at that time, she wasn’t the one. And seeing her acting with Sehun, he finally understood she was destined to someone else..

« And the shy one over there, it’s Suho, the Korean leader. »

Leaving his drowsiness, he rose his gaze … only to meet hers. For a short moment, they stared at each other. He tried to hide his discomfort behind his brightest smile while she looked hard at him. Frowning her eyebrows, she stayed a few more seconds speechless before smiling at him.

« Nice to meet you. » And turning towards Sehun. « So this is your father, baby boy ? »
« Actually, we are of the same age. »
« Eh ? How do you know my age ? »

He answered without thinking. Of course he knows her age, he has learned her birthday date by heart in highschool and every year he put a small box of chocolate in her locker. And every year, he spied on the moment she’d open them, looking for her mysterious friend. And every year, he ran away. Slamming his face mentally, he tried to find something smart enough to tell her. But nothing, his mind was blank.

« Sehun told us you’re his noona. » Helped Baekhyun, for once.
« Is this so ? And what else did he say ? »
« That you’re noisy. » Answered the maknae, laughing.

They all started to chat together, while Suho's pressure was cooling down. He had better stop acting like he knew her. Well, he did, but she didn't remember so… Closing his eyes, he tried to focus on something else that the discussion. He won't fall for her cheerful spirit again, not now. He's Suho now, and what’s the point, really. Even though they only knew each other for a day, it was obvious that Sehun and « ___ » got along perfectly. He should be happy for the young man, but the only thing that crossed his mind at the moment was the fact that, once again, she fell for another man.

« Open your eyes groundhog, we’re going to eat. C’mon. »

Baekhyun pulled his arm to get him up and then, left with the other guys. Suho thought he was the only one staying in the lounge when he saw her stopping to follow the guys and looking for him. Scamping, he caught her up, a shy smile on his face.

« Thank you for waiting. »

She only smiled at him, not even responding. Cowed, he answered her silence with a quick nod before starting to walk ahead.

« Nice to see you again, Junmyeon. »

He stopped what he was doing, astonished. And slowly, she overtook him with a bright smile before following the rest of EXO which was waiting for them. Suho was astound, but quickly, a huge smile appeared on his face and he caught up his friends, running.

It was the first time he saw her smile this close.
And it was for him.

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